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About Us!

Meet Gary!

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After successfully completing an apprenticeship in a toolroom, I moved up to become a production process engineer and then became the engineering manager for a well-known company around the world.  I was able to do this by always aiming for perfection in my work.  As soon as I retired, I set out to find new things to do. During this search, the idea of 3D printing really caught my attention. 

It was very clear that the machinery in question was similar to the CNC tools I had used in the toolroom. I bought a 3D printer that was in a kit so that I could learn how it works and make it possible for me to fix it myself if something goes wrong.  The basic parts of the printer were put together with help from two of my grandchildren.  Because they worked hard, they were all able to choose anything to print. They all chose a Flexi Factory Ant.  This was my first experience with Flexi Factory, and it was there that my love for its collection of articulated animals grew. As a result of starting to sell my goods at local cultural events, I had to stop because they were in such high demand.  The next step was building a website, which is how I got involved in this project in the first place.

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The Print Farm!

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